Welcome to the Safe Schools Survey 2016
Your answers to the questions below remain completely anonymous.
The survey will take approximately 6 minutes
Do you feel safe at this school? *

Do you feel safe at this school during recess and lunch? *

Have you ever stayed away from school to avoid being bullied? *

Do you think bullying is a problem in this school? *

Do you get bullied verbally (nasty, cruel comments/threats/teasing?) *

Do you get bullied physically (punches, pushing, kicking etc?) *

When you see bullying do you try and stop it in a positive way? *

Do you get bullied in classrooms? *

Do you tell the teacher if it happens in their classroom? *

Do you let the Chaplain know? *

Do you let your Year Coordinator know? *

Do you let the School Psychologist know? *

Do you let Mr Williams know? *

Do you let Mr Filidei know? *

Do let your parents know you are being bullied at school? *

Do you get bullied on the bus? *

Do you get bullied at the bus bay? *

Are you bullied, harassed on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram? *

Do you think Student Services staff at Greenwood College deal with bullying quickly and effectively? *

What year group are you in? *

Are you male or female? *

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